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How―You Are Saved


The "Romans Road" to salvation is how you can be saved in a nut shell.  It is a string of verses that can be read, explaining the good news of salvation. At the end, there is often a short prayer that can be recited through faith.


Link to:  See the steps for the Romans road to salvation


But for some of those who find it hard to believe that this salvation can include them; here is a study which will show you "How" you can be saved.


 The expression “in Christ” is a rather difficult phrase to understand just as “You must be born again” was very  difficult for Nicodemus.  He could not grasp it.  Likewise, the idea that I am “in Christ” is very difficult especially for  the Western mind which thinks in terms of individuals.  The question is, “How can I be in somebody else?”....It makes  no sense to us and so we tend to skim over those phrases and we miss the point.[1]  


During this study we will attempt to explain just what it means to be “in Christ” and how that will bless you with the assurance of your salvation!


The “in Christ” the means by which God saved us.  We have covered the love of (WhyYou Are Saved)....but the fact that God loves you unconditionally does not mean that He can take you to heaven, because He is also a holy God.  He cannot forgive us by excusing our sins.[1]

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God sent His Son Jesus Christ, to this world to be the Savior of mankind.  But it was the apostle Paul that God chose to explain this good news of salvation.[2] 


The apostle Paul does this by using a key phrase that runs through all his epistlesthat phrase is "in Christ" or "in Him".[2]


He emptied himself, and was made in the likeness of men.  He was "the last Adam." And precisely as the first Adam was ourselves, so Christ, the last Adam, was ourselves.  When the first Adam died, "we" being involved in him, died with him.  And when the last Adam was crucified, he being ourselves, and we being involved in him, "we" were crucified with him.[3] 


If we do not understand what the Bible means by the expression "in Christ," we will never be able to fully understand the good news of salvation.[2] 


The "in Christ" motif is the heart of the gospel which is based on Biblical Solidarity, the concept that all mankind constitutes or shares a common life from Adam.[2]


God chose each one of us; God chose the whole human race “in Christ” so that we would be holy and without blame “in Him”....The “in Christ” motif is the means by which you and I were saved so that God can legally, righteously, [and] justly take us sinners to heaven and still be a holy and righteous God.[1]


In this section, we will investigate "How" God saved us, the mechanics behind the scenes, and what exactly makes your salvation valid before the courts of heaven!!


It all starts with a basic understanding of "Biblical Solidarity" the process that God used to redeem the whole human race. 



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