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Why Does God Allow Us to Suffer?

Image #1

A common reason many people give for doubting the existence of a Creator is the prevalence of suffering in the world.[1]


Many ask, if there is a God, why does he permit all of this?  Can the Bible also help us to understand why a powerful Creator would permit so much suffering for such a long time?[1]


This website will uncover the reason that God allows us to suffer from two different perspectives. 


(1) The “Literal-local application” about you personally and (2) The "Future World-wide application" concerning the overall big picture.


Deep within every human heart arises the nagging question that will not be quieted: “If God is so good, why do we have such a bad world?”.…Why do bad things happen to good people?[2]


The world answers, from its own wisdom about suffering, but which reason provides the most relevance to our lives?

Charles Darwin          (Image #2)



Mahatma Gandhi          (Image #3)


C.S. Lewis          (Image #4)



Mother Teresa          (Image #5)


Let us investigate this subject together as we look through the word of God.


But first, let us ponder on this one quote:


The great Physician co-operates with every effort made in behalf of suffering humanity, to give light to the body, and life and restoration to the soul.  And why is this?  Satan came into our world, and led men into temptation.  With sin came sickness and suffering, for we reap that which we sow.  Satan afterward caused man to charge upon God the suffering which is but the sure result of the transgression of physical law.[3]


God is thus falsely accused, and his character misrepresented.  He is charged with doing that which Satan himself has done.  God would have his people expose this falsehood of the enemy.  To them he has given the light of the gospel of health, and as his representatives they are to give the light to others.[3] 


As they work to relieve suffering humanity, they are to point out the origin of all suffering, and direct the mind to Jesus, the great Healer of both soul and body.  His heart of sympathy goes out to all earth's sufferers, and with every one who works for their relief, he co-operates.  As with his blessing health returns, the character of God will be vindicated, and the lie thrown back upon Satan, its originator.[3]


(1) About you personally:

(2) The overall big picture:


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