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Manifestation  Gifts

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On the last webpage we discussed the Ministry gifts and now we will cover the Manifestation gifts.


There are (9) spiritual gifts in First Corinthians chapter 12 (v. 4-11).


1 Cor 12  (v. 7) But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all....

Wisdom - has supernatural insight, helping others to understand complex things, the ability to resolve life’s problems and sort out difficult situations through the application of biblical truth.[1]


Knowledge - has ability in accumulating information and facts, the ability to understand biblical truth with unusual clarity and insight.[1]  Has information that can only be revealed by God for the purpose of applying doctrinal truth.[2]


Faith - the ability to envision God’s purposes and exhibit unusual confidence in His power to carry them out.[1]  Has supernatural faith given by the Spirit to receive miracles or to believe God for miracles.[2]


Healing - the divine enablement to be God’s channel to restore people to health, also brings glory to God (Acts 3: 1-9).[1] This is supernatural healing, beyond natural means, given by the Spirit.[2]


Miracles - to be enabled by God to perform mighty deeds which witnesses acknowledge to be of supernatural origin.[3]  God working through the believer’s faith, used to bring glory to the Father in heaven. 


Prophecy - the special ability to "receive divine revelations from God to be communicated back to His people."[1]


Discernment - the special ability to distinguish spiritually between good and evil, genuine and false.[1] 


Tongues - to speak in a language not previously learned, so unbelievers can hear God's message in their own language or for the body of Christ to be edified.[3]


Interpretation - to translate the message of someone who has spoken in tongues.[3]  The special ability to translate many foreign languages being spoken into the common tongue.



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